Our Programs

Laptop/Computer Loaning Programs

Our Objective

Career for deserving youth towards better living and to recommend jobs to our panel of corporate companies.



  • Through the community Comcare Applicants.
  • Those who are not qualified in Comcare, then case by case.
  • Through recommendation from Grassroot advisors, CCC and RC / NC.
  • Through recommendation from religious group or NGO.


  • Successful Applicants shall be notified by email / Phone


  • Application form to be submitted to the ITFS selection committee.
  • Processing time 5 working days.


  • Hardware, 1-year period and to be reviewed annually (maximum up to 3 years) per application.
  • The hardware remains the property of ITFS and maintained by ITFS or its agents.

Rollout plan

  • Above scheme commence from 1st March 2019.